Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast Project, How it Work, Republic Day Flying Beast 2023

A mission of India in the sky has been started recently. This project has been started by Gaurav Taneja and his wife Ritu Rathi Taneja. He is considered one of the most famous YouTubers in the country. 74th Republic Day is being organized in India this year. A project has already been prepared to fly the plane in the sky, also known as the festival of freedom. The citizens of the country are taking their country forward through their creative and artistic ability at Amrit Mahotsav. Today we are going to provide Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast information in the form of this festival of independence.

Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast

A project has been prepared for this Independence Day, popularly known as Amrit Mahotsav so that the country can be developed. Many efforts are being made by the people to take the country forward and out of all these, Gaurav Taneja has also decided to make an opportunity in his name. By making it as big as possible, efforts will be made to make India’s image in the sky through flying beasts so that change can be brought into the country. Efforts are being made by the people of the country to take the name of India to the heights of the sky and you will also be able to see this scene live.

What is Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast?

India in the sky is the result of continuous travel and an endless passion to fly and it will be accomplished in the form of a mission. This mission will be a tribute to the motherland. Efforts will be made to take India to new heights with the outline of the largest map of India through this project. Which will be a unique record in history. This is being told as the first such mission and scene in the history of India.

Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast Episode 1

In the program to be held on 26 January 2023, you will get to see this mission which will bring a different kind of awakening in India. A video has also been uploaded on YouTube by Gaurav Taneja and wife Ritu Rathi Taneja. In episode 1 of the video, you will see Air India Airlines flying from Delhi to New York and after reaching New York, they will leave for Florida and go for where the event will be held.

Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast Episode 2

After reaching New York where they have completed their immigration procedures, they will be ready to fly to Florida. He has taken a taxi from New York to JF Kennedy airport to fly to Tampa where he is currently residing and has also uploaded the video on YouTube in which you can see the entire scene.

Aasman Mein Bharat Flying Beast Episode 3

The mission had to be cancelled immediately after Episode 3 was shown. In #AasmanMeinIndia Ep 03 he was seen booking an air BnB for his stay but he came to the flying station later that day. Suddenly his plane stopped working so he had to take a new plane. He also started after some trouble and after that flew away but after some time the weather had turned bad. He had to return to the air base due to low visibility. After this whole environment, he returned home disappointed and told how much easier it is to fly in simulation than to fly in reality. In this way, it has been decided to do this project and you will also be informed whether the project will be successfully enabled or not. All citizens can go to see and participate under this project.

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