Har Ghar Dastak Campaign Registration, Door To Door Covid 19 Vaccination Programme [हर घर दस्तक अभियान – घर घर वैक्सीन]

Har Ghar Dastak Campaign 2024 – Registration Process For Door to Door Vaccination Programme For Covid 19. House to house Vaccination Camp is available Now at हर घर दस्तक अभियान – घर घर वैक्सीन अभियान|

Har Ghar Dastak Campaign – The Covid is running in the whole country and now the cases of Covid 19 are making people tensed. The Covid has affected a lot in the growth of the country. The vaccination process has been done successfully in the country and 126 crore people have taken part in the vaccination programme. Due to the vaccination, the citizens of the country feel safe and secure from coronavirus. As we all know that some people are there who have not taken the 1st and 2nd Dose of Covid 19. So the Indian government has made a new campaign to make India corona free. The campaign is named as “Har Ghar Dastak Campaign” and it is started in the presence of prime minister Narendra Modi Ji. The campaign is started to give the vaccines to the people by going home.

The candidates who have not taken the vaccine will be given vaccines at their homes by now. This programme will benefit all the people of the country by giving the First and Second Doses of vaccines. According to the official reports along 126 Crore people have been vaccinated with 1st and 2nd Dose and now the leftover people can take the vaccines in this campaign. The campaign will boost the vaccination process and will make India vaccinated. In this campaign, the people who have not been vaccinated with the 2nd dose will be also covered by giving them the doses of covid.

As we all know that the third strain of corona named as Omicron Virus is also entered the country so the people who have not been vaccinated yet are suggested to take the vaccine to make them secure from the diseases running in the environment. The candidates can read all the details about the Har Ghar Dastak Campaign Registration and all other details by scrolling below.

Har Ghar Dastak Campaign – Registration, Vaccination at Homes

As we all know that the Covid strain has run in the country and all the citizens are waiting for corona free country to live life happily. To stop this the government is running the Covid 19 Inoculation Campaign named “Har Ghar Dastak Campaign” for the house to House Vaccination for the citizens of the country. The citizens who are left without the vaccination can take the vaccines at home. The campaign will be started and will give vaccines to all the citizens.

This is a mega vaccination camp that will give vaccination to physical Disability persons and the incapable people who are unable to visit the nearest vaccination centre will be vaccinated as soon as possible. The medical team will give the vaccine to the citizens by coming to their homes. The campaign will give more benefits to the country by making a successful mega vaccination programme successful.  The people who have taken the first dose and waiting for the second dose can also take the vaccine in this campaign and can be safe from the coronavirus.

Har Ghar Dastak Campaign Overview

Name of the Campaign Har Ghar Dastak Campaign
Campaign Started By Medical Department Of India
Campaign Main Motive To give Door to Door vaccination to every person in India
Campaign Beneficiaries All the citizens of the country
Campaign Vaccine Doses 1st and 2nd Dose
Official Website mohfw.gov.in

हर घर दस्तक अभियान – घर घर वैक्सीन अभियान

जैसा की हम सब जानते है की हमारा देश एक बहुत ही गंभीर बीमारी जिसका नाम कोरोना वायरस रखा गया है उससे गुजर रहा है | कोरोना वायरस की वजह से बहुत से लोगो की जिंदगी में बहुत ही बदलाव आये है एवं अपना काम  रहे है | भारत सरकार ने हर बार की तरह इस बार भी कोरोना वायरस से लड़ते हुए सभी लोगो को वैक्सीन की सुविधा प्रदान की है एवं कोरोना से सुरक्षा का पूरा इंतज़ाम किया है | इस बार सरकार ने एक नया अभी यान शुरू किया है जिसका नाम “हर घर दस्तक अभियान” रखा गया है | इस अभियान की तहत जिन लोगो को वैक्सीन नहीं लगी है उन्हें मेडिकल टीम घर घर जाकर  सुविधा प्रदान करेगी एवं देश को सुरक्षित रखने में हर बार की तरह एक अहम दायित्व निभाएगी |

भारत सरकार की तरफ से इस अभियान को शुक्रवार को शुरू किया गया है एवं इस अभियान में जो लोग वैक्सीन अभियान में नहीं पहुँच पाए है उन्हें सरकार घर घर  दस्तक अभियान की सहायता से वैक्सीन से वैक्सीन की सुविधा प्रदान करवाएगी | इस अभियान में जो लोग अपाहिज है या किसिस अन्य बीमारी की वजह से वैक्सीन नहीं ले पाए है उन्हें वैक्सीन दी जाएगी | जिन लोगों ने अभी तक पहला वैक्सीन लेकर दूसरा वैक्सीन नहीं ले पाए है उन्हें भी इस अभियान में शामिल कर उन्हें भी वैक्सीन दी जाएगी | इस अभियान की सहायता से भारत सर्कार देश के हर एक नागरिक तक वैक्सीन पहुंचा रही है एवं जल्द से जल्द देश के सभी नागरिको को वैक्सीन लगाकर सुरक्षित करे की कोशिश की जा रही है | वैक्सीन लेने के बाद देश के नागरिक कोरोना जैसी और भी अन्य बीमारियों से लड़ सकते है | हर घर दस्तक अभियान रजिस्ट्रेशन नहीं  है मेडिकल टीम खुद आकर आपको वैक्सीन लगाएगी |

Har Ghar Dastak Registration

All people who want to take the first and second dose of Covid Vaccine can take the vaccine in this campaign. The medical team will give you a vaccine at your doorstep. The team will give vaccines as soon as possible to make the country covid free. The Har Ghar Dastak Registration is not mandatory for any person and the team will auto-check for the unvaccinated citizens with the help of records maintained by the teams during the vaccination camps held in the country. The team will check the records and give you vaccines on the basis of records. The people of the country are suggested to take the vaccine and use masks in outer areas.

Official Website – Click Here

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