Satish Kaushik Death Reason, Cause, सतीश कौशिक का निधन कैसे हुआ

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Satish Kaushik was a famous actor and director who makes the new movies and lived in Mumbai. The director satish kaushik passed away on 8 march 2023 in Gurugram. Satish Kaushik Death Cause has been said to be heart attack and was made when he is at home. satish kaushik Death News has been viral on internet pages and today we are giving you the latest details about satish kaushik cause of death news below. Read the details given below.

Satish Kaushik Death Reason, Cause

Famous movie director and actor sathish kaushik has been passed away on 8 march. Kaushik Satish Died News has made viral on the internet as he has made love in people’s hearts. The famous actor has played holi with their family and friends and made lot of joy with their connectors. After this on 8th march they have died due to heart attack reason came while taking them to the city hospital. The doctors have tried to save them but unfortunately after many practices they have passed away.

सतीश कौशिक का निधन कैसे हुआ और मरने का रीज़न क्या था?

महशूर फिल्म एक्टर एवं फिल्म डायरेक्टर सतिश कौशिक 08 मार्च 2023 को दुनिया छोड़कर चले गए हैं | खबरों के अनुसार सतीश कौशिक ने होली वाले दिन अपने सभी परिवार एवं मित्रों के साथ आचे से होली मनाई एवं हंसी ख़ुशी अपना जीवन यापन कर रहे थी लेकिन अचानक उनकी तबियत बिगड़ने लगी एवं सतीश कौशिक का निधन हॉस्पिटल में ले जाते वक़्त हार्ट अटैक के कारन हो गया है | ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए निचे पढ़े |

Satish Kaushik Passed Away

Bollywood director and actor Satish Kaushik, known for his famous roles like Calendar in Mr India, passed away at 66 in the early hours of Thursday. Satish Kaushik has been passed away on 8th march 2023. This is very sad news for all the residents of India and all their fans are so sad due to satish kaushik death. Kaushik reportedly succumbed to a heart attack while travelling in a vehicle. The passing away of this type of comedian supersar is very bad news for our country. Today a star in the film industry has left this planet due to a heart attack while taking them to the hospital. Doctors tried reviving Kaushik but he breathed his last on March 9 and died.

Satish Kaushik Died on 8th March

The news of Kaushik’s death was confirmed by his friend and National Award-winning actor Anupam Kher in a tweet. Satsih Kaushik has been sheltered by her wife Shashi and daughter 11-year-old Vanshika Kaushik. The dead body has been taken to Deendayal Hospital for a postmortem process and is expected to be handed over to his family at around 3 pm in the evening, after that the last rites will be conducted.

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