Vaccine For Children Under 15 to18, Precaution Doses, Boosters For Babies

Vaccine For Children Under 15 to 18 In India Registration, Login, Booster Doses, Precautions For Childs of Below 18 years.

As we all know the Omicron is touching heights and day by day the cases of Omicron Virus are making place in India. Omicron is a new variant of Corona Virus and will show its symptoms like covid Virus. This is a dangerous virus if you didn’t follow the precautions. To control the cases in India Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has given orders to Vaccinate children under the age of 15 to 18 years. As we all know that our prime minister always works for the residents of India so now also the government has made a new way to control this virus and decided to give the Vaccine For Children Under 15 to 18 in a fast way.

Vaccination For Children Under 15 TO 18 Years 

Now all the children in India will take the Vaccine For Children’s Boosters from 3rd January and all the children will run in safe mode by taking the vaccine and booster for their safety. As we all know that this time the omicron is affecting the children and the children didn’t have so much immunity power to suffer from the omicron. So to control the disease in the country the government has taken important steps and made the country’s children safe. Check all the details of the Children’s Covid Vaccine, Booster Details are given below.

Vaccine For Children Under 15 to 18 Years, Booster Doses, Precautions

The prime minister of India has passed the orders to vaccinate children in India under 15 to 18 years. This programme will be started from 3rd December and now all the children in India who come under this age will get the vaccine, boosters in a normal ay. The government has allotted these vaccines a free amount and there is no charge for the vaccination process. The government has taken their mind to the increasing cases of omicron virus and made an initiative to give vaccines to children to make India a bright future.

As we all know that in many states in India the omicron virus is running at in very fast speed so by seeing this the government has made this necessary to vaccinate children under 15 to 18 years in India. By the full vaccination, the country will come in safe mode and there will be no cases after the vaccination as expected. The children who want to take the vaccine can take it after 3rd January and can book their vaccination slot as the past vaccination slots are booked. Check the details below and book your vaccine.

Vaccine For Children under 15 to 18 Years Documents Required

Candidates who want to do their registration under the age of 15 to 18 years can now take the important documents to upload them to the official portal made by the government The documents required are given below check the details.

  1. Adhaar Card
  2. Driving License or any other proof
  3. Mask
  4. Sanitiser

Eligibility Criteria For Vaccine For Children under 15 to 18 Years

Citizens who want to visit the vaccination centres can check their eligibility criteria to check the details of their vaccination process. The detailed information is given below check them.

  1. Candidates must belong from India.
  2. The candidates must have Adhaar Card or any other identity proof.
  3. The candidate must come between 15 to 18 years of age.
  4. The applicant must take their Adhaar Card details with them to take the vaccine at the vaccination centre.
  5. The applicant must have to wear a mask for visiting the vaccination centre.

Children Covid Vaccine Under 15 to 18 Registration In India

The children who want to take the vaccine in India can now take the vaccines from the government. The charge for the vaccine is free and no money will be taken from the government for the vaccination. The government will give the vaccine to the children by making the camp in every village and town and the candidates can book covid vaccines for children via the online covid vaccine Portal made by the government. The candidates can see the registration of vaccine details given below.

  1. Visit the Covid-19 official website @
  2. Now click on the registration option given on the home.
  3. Now fill your mobile number and check the OTP sent on it.
  4. Now fill the OTP and fill all the details about the vaccine in the online portal.
  5. Now click on the successful registration option given on the page.
  6. Now your registration for vaccination will be done and now you can see the other details given below.
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