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AHIMS Registration – The government of Kerala has started the vaccination for the school students of Kerala to maintain their booster ability to fight covid 19. Now the children reading in schools can take this vaccine at ahims.kerala.gov.in Login/Registration. The AHIMS Covid Booster Registration is started by the government for giving vaccines to six lakh school students of Kerala.

Now the Kerala government has started helping the children’s of Kerala by setting up vaccines for them. The vaccination will be done in children’s schools and 12 lakh schools will be selected for vaccination. The first 6 lakh students will be selected for vaccination, so to improve their immunity the students have to take the vaccine for covid 19. All the students can visit ahims.kerala.gov.in for details and check the detailed information given below.

AHIMS HIB Homoeopathic Distribution Portal Details at ahims.kerala.gov.in

AHIMS HIB Homoeopathic Distribution Portal at ahims.kerala.gov.in – The second-largest working system of medicine utilized by the world population, published by WHO has completed 220 years of the working system. It is a legal medical system running in 42 countries including country India and enjoys the status of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 28 countries. So check the details given below and book your booster.

How to Signup For ahims.kerala.gov.in Login Registration?

ahims.kerala.gov.in Login/Registration – The candidates who want to do ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration have to register themselves on this portal by visiting the official website. Now all the candidates can register themselves whose age is below 17 years. Now the students below the age can apply for the booster and medicines of covid 19 to improve their ability of the body for covid 19.

This is a very good step started by the government for keeping the children of Kerala safe and secure. By the boosters, the children’s body will be made strong and immunity will be increased. The fees for registration still and there will be no charge taken during the serving of boosters in schools. Only the registered schools will be given the boosters for children’s so check the details carefully.

[https://ahims.kerala.gov.in/] AHIMS HIB Distribution Kerala Details

Name of the Portal Ayush Homeopathy Information Management System [AHIMS]
Portal Started by Kerala Government
Portal Short Name AHIMS Registration, Login
Portal Started For Children’s of Kerala
Children’s Age Children’s below 17 years
Registration Time 9 AM TO 4 PM
Registration Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday For HIB Medicine
Registration Mode Online Mode
Booster AViabalble for 6 Lakh students
Booster Charges No Charges
AHIMS Registration Started
AHIMS Login Started
AHIMS Official Website ahims.kerala.gov.in

[www.ahims.kerala.gov.in] AHIMS Homeopathy Registration, Login Online പോർട്ടൽ 

www.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration, Login Online – The students who are studying in schools of Kerala can now avail the vaccine by ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration. Now the Kerala students can apply for the children booster booking by doing www.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration Form.

The government has allotted 6 lakh boosters and tablets for the students who are studying in Kerala schools and now all the students can take the vaccine tablets and booster to improve their boost of body. To register for the booster the candidates have to check the details given below and can take the vaccine tablets and booster.

  1. Visit the official website of AHIMS Portal i.e ahims.kerala.gov.in.
  2. Now click on the “ahims.kerala.gov.in Homeopathic Immune Booster Registration” button given on the homepage.
  3. Now click on ahims.kerala.gov.in Login, Registration Option given on the page.
  4. Now fill the registration details in the given fields like your name and school name and all other details.
  5. Click on submit button.
  6. Now your details will be submitted and now you can take the booster and medicines given by the government.

http.ahims.kerala.gov.in Login Registration Online

All the candidates of Kerala can register themselves on the portal by visiting the http.ahims.kerala.gov.in Login Registration link given below. All the candidates who want to know their details have to do http.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration [Link] details given in the article and can check all their details about the AHIMS Covid Registration and all other details about the AHIMS 2.0 Portal Login, Registration.

www.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration

www.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration Form is given on this page. All the applicants can fill their registration form by the given details below. The www.ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration Form is submitted by the Kerala government and all the students and parents of Kerala can access the AHIMS 2.0 Registration Form by visiting the registration page of the portal.

So you can check the registration form for vaccines on the portal after you login to the portal and when you click the vaccine book option you can access the registration form. To know more see the given details below.

ahims.kerala.gov.in Teacher Registration

Now the teachers can also do their registration on the ahims portal and can get vaccinated at ahims.kerala.gov.in Teacher Registration. Now the government has approved the vaccines for the teachers and now the teachers will also be given the vaccine boosters. The candidates can do their registration by following the given details below and can do their registration successfully.

  1. Visit the official website of AHIMS Portal.
  2. Now click on the “Teacher Registration” option given on the homepage.
  3. Fill the mobile number as your username, name of the teacher, EMail ID, District, Syllabus, School, Password, and fill the captcha code.
  4. Click on the signup button.
  5. Now your registration is complete and you can login by the details.

ahims.kerala.gov.in Teacher Login

The teachers who have registered on the AHIMS Portal can now do ahims.kerala.gov.in Teacher Login for checking their details and to book the vaccination boosters for them. As we all know that Kerala state is facing huge cases of corona and for this, the government has also approved the vaccines for the teachers. The teachers have to login to the portal and can book the vaccines for them. To book the vaccines please follow the steps given below and do the login process successfully.

  1. Visit the official website of the AHIMS Kerala @ ahims.kerala.gov.in.
  2. Now click on the “Teacher Login” option given on the homepage.
  3. Now Fill your mobile number as the username and fill the password.
  4. Now fill the captcha code in the field.
  5. Now click on Login button given below.
  6. Now you will be logged in successfully.

AHIMS Homopethic Immuno Booster Distribution Time and Date

Date for Registration Distribution Date NIL NIL
First HIB Distribution 25 October 2024 09 AM TO 4 PM Monday
Second HIB Distribution 26 October 2024 09 AM TO 4 PM Tuesday
Final HIB Distribution 27 October 2024 09 AM TO 4 PM Wednesday

Note – Next Update for HIB Registration will be available soon.

Eligibility Criteria For AHIMS Registration – ahims.kerala.gov.in

The students who want to do their registration can check the eligibility criteria given below.

  1. The students must be below 17 years.
  2. The students must be studying in the selected schools for booster.
  3. The student will be from Kerala.
  4. The student must have registered on the portal.

ahims.kerala.gov.in Login – 2.0 പോർട്ടൽ 

The applicants who have registered in the portal and want to book their booster and medicines for their children can now do ahims.kerala.gov.in Login to the portal for their booster. Now the children’s booster and medicine for covid 19 has been given by the Kerala government so the students can check the official portal for their logging in details and also check the given below. So the students can see the steps below.

  1. Visit the official portal of AHIMS Portal i.e ahims.kerala.gov.in.
  2. Now on the right bar fill your username and password in the given fields.
  3. Click on the “Login ” button given below.
  4. Now you will b logged in and you can book your booster and medicine for your children.

AHIMS 2.0 Login at ahims.kerala.gov.in/ahims/hib_register.php

The candidates who want to know about AHIMS 2.0 Login can now check the details given below. AHIMS 2.0 Login is a new portal started by the Kerala government. This portal is also made up for vaccinating the children of Kerala.

So the students can visit ahims.kerala.gov.in/ahims/hib_register.php to do their registration successfully. All the candidates can visit the official web portal i.e ahims.kerala.gov.in/ahims/hib_register.php to do their registration or they can register themselves at ahims.kerala.gov.in for their details. Now the government portal is started for their ahims.kerala.gov.in Registration Login at the homepage.

AHIMS HIB Helpline Number

Candidates who have any confusion about their HIB Distribution Vaccine can check the helpline numbers given below. These helpline numbers are available only during office hours. So check the details given below.

Helpline Number – 0471- 2470342 , 0471 -2471428

E-Mail ID – [email protected]

ahims.kerala.gov.in Forgot Password

The candidates who have registered for the AHIMS Portal but have forgotten their password then they can recover their password easily. The forgote=ten password will be recovered with the help of the online portal and in this process, you have to use your registered mobile number. So check the details given below to recover your password.


  1. Visit the official website of AHIMS Portal.
  2. Fill your Username, Mobile Number or Aadhar Card Number in the column.
  3. Fill the captcha code in the column.
  4. Click on submit request option.
  5. Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  6. Fill the OTP and recover your password.

AYUSH Department Kerala Government Orders at ahims.kerala.gov.in

The government has given approval to the Ayush Department Kerala Government Orders to make give boosters and tablets to children’s below the age of 17 years. These tablets are only used for giving immunity to the human body. So the children’s have no harmful effects due to these tablets and they can easily take the boosters and tablets without any hesitation.

At these corona weekend, many people are suffering from COVID Disease so due to stop this the government has taken the next step for giving a safe side to children’s for their better future of Kerala. The Ayush Department gives ayurvedic medicines to the people so there is no hesitation in taking the boosters and tablets of it.

How to Fill ahims.kerala.gov.in Captcha Code?

ahims.kerala.gov.in Captcha Code problem is faced by many candidates on this portal. So te people are requested to check the alphabetical errors like the capital and small letters and also the numbers entered in the column. The people are requested to open the full page and take some time before clicking on ahims.kerala.gov.in Login/Registration Page. So that the captcha code will take the load of the site. With this feature, you can solve your problem easily.

Note – The vaccination time for the children will be timed from 9 AM to 4 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday so check the registration details.

Official Website – Click Here

If you have any questions or problems regarding the article then please comment on it in the comment box below. We will reply to you shortly. For more updates visit Helplineportal.in.

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