Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form – PDF Download, App, Exemption Form, How to Fill, Customer Care, COVID Guidelines For International and Domestic Flights

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration PDF Form Download, App, How To Fill, Link, Exemption Form PDF, Customer Care Number, Covid Guidelines For International and Domestic Flights Details at Official Website.

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form, PDF Download, App, How to Fill details can be consumed here. All the candidates who want to travel on international and domestic flights have to fill out the Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form. It is made mandatory by the government due to the covid phase is running in the country. This is a form that indicates the traveler’s health status and will be filled before the boarding. This declaration form verifies and gives you permission to visit domestic and international flights.

The Self Declaration Form proves all your details and also verifies that you are covid positive or negative. The officials will allow only those persons who have filled the self-declaration form and submitted it. The Air Suvidha Portal App is also launched by the offices and there you can directly do the Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form PDF Download. The exemption form is made mandatory at all the airports and you don’t be allowed to enter the airport if you have no Declaration Form.

According to the latest news the Indian Government has made a new rule for international flyers. The new rule of the government is that without the self-declaration form the candidate will not be allowed to go on international al flights. The new rule will be followed from today. Read all the details by scrolling below.

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form PDF, App Download, Exemption Form, Link

All the airports in the country have been charged a new rule for the travelers of airlines. The flyers can now travel in flights by submitting the Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form. The government of India has made a new law and according to this law, the citizens who want to go and come to the country will have to submit their self-declaration form with their details.

The government has also made a new portal for this form and it is named Air Suvidha Portal on this portal, you can submit your Self Declaration Form in PDF format. You can now download the Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form PDF by the given like below and can fill the form. The candidates who are willing to come into the country or want to travel to another place have to follow the law. This law is made due to the covid crisis in the country.

As we all know the Coronavirus is running in the country and due to the covid crisis all the people are doing their safety. Candidates have to upload the documents which are mandatory in the form as their Copy of passport, RT-PCR Details, Vaccination Certificate. So to follow the safety guidelines in the country the government has made a law to cover the covid guidelines. All the passengers are suggested to follow the guidelines given by the government and make the safe travel. The details and the form are given below check the details.

Air Suvidha Online Portal App Download

The Air Suvidha Online Portal is an online portal made for the self-declaration form. It indicates all the passengers coming from international flights and takes the forms from them. This form verifies all the information about the candidate coming from international cities.

The candidates can who want to do Air Suvidha Portal App Download are informed that there is only a portal of air suvidha which runs of Delhi airport official website. There is no app made by the officials for the portal. The candidates can check all the details on the online portal whose link is given below.

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form is a unique form made by the ministry of health department of India which takes all the information of the candidates traveling from the international flights. The international flights will come in the country and due to the covid crisis and omicron virus cases coming in the country the health department has allocated a new self-declaration form for all the citizens.

The candidates have to fill out the form with their passport copy, vaccination certificates and with RT-PCR Report. The candidates have to download the form and submit it before the boarding and after the verification and checkup, the candidate can do checkout.

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Air Suvidha Registration Form

The Air Suvidha Registration Form is available on the Air Suvidha Portal. All the candidates can download it in pdf format and can fill it with all the mandatory details. The candidates who want to fill out the registration form can download the form by the given link below and the registration steps are given below you can check all the details which to be filled in the form.

Air Suvidha Exemption Form PDF

The Air Suvidha Exemption Form is a form made for coming on important works and in emergency times. It is made for pregnant women, death in the family and all other emergency services. The exemption is also available on the official portal and you can fill it with the proper reasons to come by the air suvidha. The form filling is mandatory and it will be filled with all the proper details and proper reasons.

Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form PDF Download

Candidates who want to Download Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form PDF can now download the form in PDF Forate and can fill the details in it. The candidate has to fill their name, passport details, travel details, Flight Number, Negative RT-PCR Report and Vaccination Certificate. The Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form Download Link is given below. You can download it on your phone and computer.

Air Suvidha Portal Self Declaration Form

How To Fill Form Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

The candidates who want to fill out the Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form can see the details about how to fill the self-declaration form. The step-by-step guide is given below you can check the details.

Personal Information

  1. Name of Passenger
  2. Seat Number
  3. Flight Number
  4. Passport Number
  5. Nationality
  6. Age
  7. Date Of Arrival
  8. Origin of journey
  9. Destination

Contact Information

  1. House Number
  2. Street Number
  3. Village
  4. Tehsil
  5. City
  6. State
  7. Pin Code
  8. Residence Number
  9. Mobile Number
  10. EMAIL ID

Air Suvidha Portal Error

If any person facing any type of problem in their Air Suvidha Form then they can wait for some time and can reapply for the form. If any candidate’s form is not saved due to an error then they can reapply for the form. If the problem persists then they can contact the helpline number given below and call on them at the official time.

Air Suvidha Portal Helpline Number

The helpline numbers are given below you can contact the officials directly with the help of the contact numbers given below. For flight information
24 X 7 Helpline – 0124-4797300 or 0124–6838410 (Domestic Callers)

+91-124-4797300 or +91-124-6838410 (International Callers)

Important FAQ’S about Air Suvidha Portal

1. What is a Self-Declaration Form?

A self Declaration Form is a form filled by the traveler which indicates his health status. This form is mandatory for all passengers before boarding.

2. What are the documents required while filling the self-declaration form on Air Suvidha portal?

The documents required for filling the self-declaration form are the copy of passport, PCR Negative Certificate From a certified lab of 72 hours, Vaccination certificate.

3. Why is the Exemption form is not available on the air Suvidha portal?

The Air Suvidha Exemption Form is discontinued due to some reasons.

4. What happens after submission of Air Suvidha Self Declaraton Form?

After you submit your self-declaration form the authority will send your form to the Airport Health Organization and then they will forward an application form to your registered email. After this, you can show the application form at the airport counter and can continue to checkout.

5. What are the details required for flight in air suvidha portal?

The flight number, seat number, Date of arrival and departure will be filled in the Self Declaration Form.

6. How to Download Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form?

You can download the air suvidha portal Declaration Form by the given link below.

7. What is Air Suvidha Portal?

The Air Suvidha Portal is a Portal that gives contactless solutions to passengers coming from international flights. It is connected with Delhi airport which gives information about international arrivals.

8. What is Air Suvidha?

Air Suvidha is a contactless solution by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Delhi Airport for all international passengers coming to India. It is a Self Reporting and Exemption Form Portal for International arriving passengers.

9. Are these forms created just for Delhi Airport or for all International Airports?

These forms are created for all International arriving passengers to India.

10. What is the purpose of Self-Reporting form?

Yes, Self Reporting form has to be mandatorily filled by all international arriving passengers.

11. Is there any cut-off limit for the self-reporting form?

There is no cut-off time limit for the self-reporting form. It can be filled anytime before boarding. However, it is encouraged that you fill it well in advance.

12. What happens after I submit the self-reporting form?

On submission, the mandatory self-reporting application will be forwarded to the Airport Health Organization (APHO) under the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Passengers can then refer to their email inbox for the updated application document. Passengers should show this document on arrival in India at the APHO counter and proceed for immigration.

13.  Where can I find the exemption form?

Please note, the Exemption Request form can be filled and submitted online with supporting documents 72 hrs. before boarding flight. Exemption Requests will be approved or rejected online by respective state authorities. Passengers can apply online to seek exemption from mandatory Institution Quarantine under five categories.

14. Who can apply for exemption from mandatory Institutional Quarantine?

Only International arriving passengers belonging to any of the below-mentioned 5 categories & having valid documents can apply online to seek exemption from mandatory Institution Quarantine under five categories.

15. What are the exemption categories?

1. Pregnant women 2. Suffered a death in the family 3. Suffering from serious illness (Description to be provided) 4. Parents accompanied by children below 10 years 5.Covid-19 negative certificate (attach RT PCR test only).

16. To fill exemption form, do I have to provide details again if it is already submitted for self-reporting form?

Using the Self Reporting application’s request number, the details of the passenger get auto-filled in an application for exemption or vice versa.

17. How can I apply for exemption?

Passenger seeking exemption from mandatory Institution Quarantine can apply online providing valid documents On submission of the form, an acknowledgment with a unique reference number will be sent to the applicant’s registered email Id.

18. What documents are required while applying in the portal for exemption?

  1. Copy of the Passport in JPEG or PDF format.
  2. Pregnant woman – Attach doctor’s recommendation letter.
  3. Parents accompanied by children below 10 years – Attach
  4. passport copy
  5. Suffering from serious illness – Attach medical certificate
  6. Suffered a death in the family – Attach death/ Doctor’s certificate
  7. Attach RT-PCR negative report or a copy of RT-PCR tests where results are awaited.
  8. Please provide the original negative report on arrival along with the exemption form.
  9. Family as defined by Indian Govt. consists of Spouse, Children, Siblings, Parents & Grandparents only.

19. How can I check the status of my application for exemption?

On submission of the form, an acknowledgment with a unique reference number will be sent to the applicant’s registered email Id. Govt. health officials will confirm the status (Approval or Rejection ) of your application through email. State Authorities at the first port of entry will review exemption requests of all international arriving passengers.

20. How can the co-passenger accompanying the main applicant apply for exemption?

Details of co-passenger need to be submitted in the portal along with the main applicant’s form. Passengers can also submit group online requests through the same form for the entire family traveling on the same flight.

21. What is Delhi Airport’s role in the entire process?

Delhi Airport is just facilitating all international arriving passengers on behalf of MOCA in routing their applications on to the right govt authority. The final decision on the same is taken only by the concerned govt authority.

22. If I have an approved exemption from institutional quarantine, can I take a connecting flight?

As per current government guidelines, passengers exempted from institutional quarantine can travel by surface using the personal mode of transport. Public transport including domestic flights is not allowed till the 14 day quarantine period is complete. Passengers with RT PCR negative certificates are allowed to take domestic connections.

23. What are the guidelines on RT PCR test for international travel to India?

The test taken within 92 hours of departure from the port of origin is valid on arrival in India. The exemption form can be filled post going for the test up to 72 hours before departure. In case the report is not available in time, the form can be filled with proof of test and on arrival, passengers are expected to show a covid negative certificate along with exemption approval. Passengers with covid negative certificate can travel in public transport including domestic flights to reach their final destinations

24. What if my application gets rejected by respective state government?

If the respective state government rejects the application, the passenger shall undergo institutional quarantine as per the govt. norms at the approved centers. Refer to the Important Quarantine Guidelines to know more about the institutional quarantine.

25. I’ve uploaded the documents, what is the status of my application?

Dear Name, you’ll be notified via email within 72 hours of your request.

26. Is RT-PCR test mandatory?

No, the RT-PCR test is not mandatory. Passengers with no test report, have to undergo mandatory 7 days of institutional quarantine, at their own cost and another 7 days of home quarantine on arrival in India.

27. Once docs uploaded, can I take a domestic flight, non VBM?

Dear Name, if your exemption request is approved, you’ll receive email communication for the same. On arrival in India, you may present the same to the authorities and can further take domestic flights to the destination state from Delhi Airport.

28. Is the portal applicable to all international airports in India?

Dear Name, this is applicable to all international arrivals in India.

29. RT-PCR test result takes more than 24 hours, then how can one do the test within 96 hours of the flight and upload on portal at least 72 hours prior the flight?

Sample for COVID-19 test has to be taken within 96 hours of boarding. If the final report is not available 72 hours prior to the flight, passengers shall carry the report and can show it on arrival at the airport. Also, such passengers can apply for an exemption online & upload proof of test mentioning that they are waiting for the result to arrive.

30. What is Self-Reporting Form?

All International arriving passengers are required to fill the self-reporting form as mandated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Air Suvidha is an online system for International passengers to submit a mandatory Self-Reporting Form to declare their current health status. This form is mandatory and should be filled out anytime before boarding.

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