Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Registration, Start Date, Timing, How to Apply, Eligibility Criteria at Sony Liv App For Season 6 Audition

Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration 2024 Starting Dates, Timing, How to Play On Sony Liv APP, Winner, {कोण होणार करोडपती रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024}, Eligibility Criteria, Details at Official Website and on this page.

Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration 2024 will be started in Marathi on the Sony Liv App. Now all the interested citizens of any corner of India can participate in Kon Honaar Crorepati Season 6 Audition 2024 and can be the Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Winner in just a short time. This program runs like KBC {Kon Banega Crorepati} and will be now run on Sony Liv Channel. Candidates can see it on TV after coming to the audition date. Read the details given below.

Kon Honnar Crorepati 2024 Registration, Start Date, Timing on Sony Liv App

The Citizens can now gain a prize of 2 crore rupees just by winning the Kon Honnar Crorepati Season 6 Audition held by the official authorities. This is a program made in the Marathi region just like the Kon Banega Crorepati Program held by Amitabh Bachan. This program will also give a winner prize to the winner. The program will be aired on Sony Liv App and On TV Channel. The candidates who have the Study and outer knowledge can do a participate in this program and can take the benefit of being a Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Winner. In the KBC Marathi Season 5 Audition, the main head of this program is Sachin Khedekar and now there is no official announcement for the head owner. Read all the details given below.

{KBC Marathi} Kon Honnar Crorepati 2024 Details

Name of Programme Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration 2024
Program made in Marathi
Program Mode Online
Programme Hosted By Announced Soon
Program Category Online Registration
Name in Marathi
कोण होणार करोडपती रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024
Starting Date Announced Soon
Timing Announced Soon
Official Website Sonyliv.com

कोण होणार करोडपती रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024

कोणती Honar करोडपती नोंदणी 2024 सुरू होणार आहे. ज्यांना या कार्यक्रमात आपला वाटा घ्यायचा आहे, ते त्यांची कोनार होनार करोडपती नोंदणी 2024 करू शकतात आणि त्यांची जागा मिळवू शकतात. या कार्यक्रमांतर्गत, विजेत्याला 2 कोटी रुपयांचे बक्षीस दिले जाईल आणि ज्यांचे जीके खूप परिपक्व आहेत, ते या कार्यक्रमात सहभागी होऊन हे बक्षीस सहज जिंकू शकतात. त्यामुळे ज्यांना यामध्ये स्वतःची नोंदणी करायची आहे त्यांनी खाली दिलेली माहिती काळजीपूर्वक वाचून नोंदणी पूर्ण करावी.

Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Registration, Start Date

As the Kon Honnar Crorepati Registrations are not started yet so there is no official announcement of Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Registration Date has not been declared. So the candidates who are interested in taking a part in this program have to wait for a short time. When the official authorities will give the starting date we will give you a quick update on this page. So if you want to check the details then read the following details given below.

How to Play Kon Honaar Crorepati On Sony Liv App

The candidates who are interested in playing the Kon Honnar Crorepati Program can now play it on Sony Li App can now Play it easily on the Sony Liv App. Candidates who want to play the game on the Sony Liv App can now see the given steps below to play the game.

  1. Visit the play store on your mobile phone.
  2. Now Download the Sony Liv App for your mobile phone.
  3. Now after this make your online registration on this app using your personal details.
  4. Now click on the Play Kon Honnar Crorepati option given on the phone.
  5. Now give the answers to the questions given on the screen.
  6. Like this, you can play this on Sony Liv App.

Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Timing

The Kon Honnar Crorepati Timing 2024 will be air on tv channels and on mobile phones after a short time. As you all know that the officials have not published any timings and dates for the Season 6 Audition 2024 so the candidates can wait for a short time and we will give you the quick link to join this program after the Kon Honaar Crorepati 2024 Timing details will be published.

Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration 2024

The citizens whose knowledge level is very good and they think that they can acquire as the Kon Honnar Crorepati Winner 2024 then they can do the Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration 2024. Only registered candidates can play this game. So the candidates who want to do their online registration can see the given steps below and by following them you can make your registration successful.

  1. Visit the Sony LIV Official Website @ sonyliv.com.
  2. Now read all the instructions carefully.
  3. Now click on the Registration button.
  4. Now fill all the mandatory details for the registration in the form given on the screen.
  5. You can also download the mobile app for playing the quiz game.
  6. Now click on the Register button given below.
  7. Now your registration is complete.
  8. After the successful registration, your quiz will be live to you.

Official Website – Click Here

If you have any type of question or problem regarding the Kon Honnar Crorepati Registration then please comment on it to the comment box given below. Our team will reply to you shortly. For more updates visit Helplineportal.in.

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